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Construction and Vaasthu

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We provide all the needed services for your construction project. We supply all the materials, transportation, machinery and equipment as you need.

We are powered with a fleet of well experienced professionals, architects, Engineers, QS, Technicians and worker in any number.

It’s your dream to get everything done in one place and our team is always ready to serve you the best.

Building Construction

Our construction project range covers single story houses, multi-story houses, buildings, hotels, shopping complexes, restaurants, shops, sports complexes, monuments and various structures.

Bank Loan Facilities

We arrange bank loans and easy payment facilities for 50% of your total construction project price. And we provide all the required estimations, BOQs and necessary documents to arrange the bank loans. House builders colombo

Materials and Transportation

All the required materials will be provided for your construction project. And also customers can supply materials as you need and we provide the required work force to fulfill your needs. House builders colombo

Machinery and Equipment

All the required machinery, vehicles, tools and equipment will be provided by dk HOUSE DESIGN for your project. house builders.

Landscaping and Gardening

Our construction consists gardening and landscaping too. We create much attractive environment to your house, building, business place or any of your required construction with extraordinary landscaping concepts. house builders.

Vaasthu and Astrology

You can get planned, designed and constructed your home or any of your constructions according to Vaasthu and Astrological procedures. We are always ready to serve you the best of your interest all the times. Interior Constructions Colombo

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